Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party Terms of Reference


Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party

Terms of Reference


The Committee shall consist of up to 6 Councillors with the Chairman an ex officio member. It is desirable that Stonnall Ward is strongly represented. Up to two non-Councillors may be co-opted


To be held via Zoom under Coronavirus regulations or face to face under revised guidelines when possible. There is no agreed timetable for meeting with dates/times agreed by all parties in advance.


Minimum of 3 or one third of the Committee.

Principle Objectives

To consider the offer from Staffs County Council to purchase the Stonnall Youth & Community Centre (SY&CC) for £1.00.

Duties & Functions

  1. To consider whether the Staffs County Council offer of purchase of the SYCC land by the Parish Council is in the best interests of the Parish.
  2. To review and assess the current condition of the SY&CC building. Will involve external expert advice.
  3. To report back to Council every month with recommendations.
  4. All members of the Working Group must adhere to the Parish Council Code of Conduct & the Nolan Principles.
  5. Monitor all communications and share with Council all feedback received.

Delegated Powers & Authority.

The Committee have no delegated powers.

Approved May 2020