Local Policing Information 

South Lichfield, Shenstone, Stonnall, Little Aston, including Little Hay, Wall and Hilton

Your Police Community Support Officers exist to support the community and help make it a safe place to live. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or you know someone who does. A community that works together for the good of all its members is a happy community.

Your local Police Community support Officers are:

PCSO 25049 Andrea Horsnall – Police Mobile: 07812 363060

Email: Andrea.Horsnall@staffordshire.police.uk

PCSO 16849 Tom Passmore – Police Mobile: 07837 634092


PCSO 28238 Racheal ORWIN – Police Mobile: 07504 695197

Email: Racheal.Orwin@staffordhire.police.uk

All crimes, suspicious incidents and anti-social behaviour should be reported to Staffordshire Police, and not to an individual officer, so that a central police incident is created and the approipriate officer who is on duty is dispatched in a timely manner.

Emergency number 999

A threat to life and safety or when a crime in progress.

Silent Service 999 then press 55 when instructed to do so if you are afraid to speak.

Non-emergency number101

Alternatively, report online via Staffordshire Police website www.staffordshire.police.uk   You can visit the website for lots of useful information on crime prevention.

Staffordshire Police Smart Alerts

Find out about crime and anti-social behaviour in your area. Download the free app. www.staffordshiresmartalert.co.uk

Click here for Community Speedwatch information


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