Shenstone Seniors Saturday Brunch Club

Recognising the need for a place where older residents of the parish can come for a quiet cuppa, some delicious warm treats and a chat with friends, Mary Jones and a small group of volunteers will be offering a monthly “Saturday Morning Brunch” on the first Saturday in the month at the Wesley Hall in Trinity church.

All of the food on offer will be freshly cooked or Baked and each month there will be “special” items on the menu.

In addition to the food being served, customers will be able to buy home made take-away cakes and pastries etc. Future events will sponsor fund raising stalls for  local groups to sell items in support of their organisation.


Even more people came to our second session on the 5th August:

So please diarise the following dates:-
2nd September, 7th October 4th November and 2nd December.

Shenstone Cares and the parish council are actively supporting this venture.