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The use of digital and social media now has a clear and compelling impact on all areas of local government enabling better and more direct contact between the Parish Council, the people and businesses it serves and the agencies that it works with.

This Social Media Policy aims to describe how the Parish Council will use social media to improve and expand the ways in which it communicates internally with its local residents, local businesses and the various government (local and central) agencies that it deals with.

Social media provides alternative channels (to written correspondence, telephone and face to face conversation) for the Parish Council to inform and respond to questions and queries raised by people who live in, work in and visit Shenstone parish. It also enables the Parish Council to deal more efficiently with the various agencies (e.g. the surrounding parishes, district council and the county council) that deliver services to local people.

The Social Media Policy

Use of digital and social media will form an integral part of how Shenstone Parish Council delivers its services in a way that improves the communication both within the Parish Council and between the Parish Council and the people, businesses and agencies it works with and serves.

The Parish Council has a corporate presence on the web and an e-mail channel which it uses to communicate with people who live in, work in and visit Shenstone Parish.

The Parish Council will always try to use the most effective channel for its communications. We may ask those who contact us for their preferred channel of communication when we deal with them.

Over time the Parish Council may add to the channels of communication that it uses as it seeks to improve and expand the services it delivers. When these changes occur this Social Media Policy will be updated to reflect the new arrangements.