Little Aston Councillors

Nicki Gobran – Little Aston
Hello, recently joining the parish council in 2019, I have become a representative for the ward of Stonnal and Little Aston. Also joining the finance, legal and health & safety subcommittee.   I have lived in the area for over 15 years. I feel proud and lucky to be part of this community.  Often getting involved and organising neighbourly events within our street area to encourage a sense of community and supporting those around us.  It’s great to be part of this exciting time where we are a few years into our neighbourhood plan and look forward to being a driver of these positive changes  planned out to make our community an even greater place to live.
To contact Nicki please do so via the parish office:
Tel 01543 481947 email: <>

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Kelly Harrison – Little Aston
Originally from Great Barr, I have lived in Little Aston for just over five years now with my family. I joined the Parish Council in 2019. I wanted to become a councillor because there is a great sense of community in our area. I feel it is important that we protect that community and help it to grow and develop. There is so much to learn in this new role and I am enjoying getting involved. My background is in journalism, public affairs and communications and I currently work for a small charity in Birmingham that supports people with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and dementia.
Tel: 0121 353 9609   email:  <>

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Nick Smith – Little Aston & Stonnall
I studied law at West Yorkshire University in 1984 and lived in Tamworth immediately after finishing my degree (LLB). Since then I have lived in Sutton & Streetly prior to moving to Little Aston in 1994 and built Forge Cottage where I currently reside. I know the area very well & cycle the area & walk cross country with my wife on a regular basis. My business life has concentrated upon mailing solutions since 1987, dealing with multi million turnover companies to single person start ups.
Tel: 07967 016673 e-mail: <>

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