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Shenstone Parish Council is committed to good risk management. A risk is anything that can threaten or impact upon the assets, operation or reputation of the Parish Council.

Risk Management is the planned and systematic approach to the identification, analysis and economic control of all risks. This policy is part of the Parish Council’s internal control and governance arrangements. It explains the underlying approach to risk management and documents the roles and responsibilities of Councillors and the Clerk. It also outlines the key aspects of the risk management process and the main reporting procedures.

Key Principles

The following key principles outline the Parish Council’s approach to risk management and internal control:

  • The Parish Council, as a whole, has responsibility for overseeing its own risk management
  • An open and receptive approach to managing risk is adopted by the Council
  • The Clerk supports, advises and implements policies approved by the Council
  • The Parish Council makes conservative and prudent recognition and disclosure of the financial and non-financial implications of risk

Role of the Clerk

  • To implement policies on risk management & internal control
  • To identify and evaluate risks faced by the Parish Council
  • To provide adequate information in a timely manner to the Parish Council on the status of risks and controls
  • To arrange for the internal auditor to undertake a twice yearly review of the effectiveness of the system & report back to the Council.

Risk Management as part of Internal Control

  • Policies and procedures
  • Monthly checks of cash book & bank reconciliation by Chair of Finance Committee
  • Planning & budgeting
  • Finance transactions shared with Council monthly & minuted.
  • Internal auditor twice yearly inspections
  • Appropriate insurance provision for all activities

Health and Safety Risks

Responsibility for assessing and managing Health & Safety risks associated with the Council, its activities and events will be managed by the Clerk in line with the approved Health & Safety Policy.

Approved & Adopted at Full Council 14th Feb 2023