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Shenstone Parish Council News Release 11.05.22

Shenstone Parish Council: Tel: 01543 481 947

New web site for Shenstone and Stonnall residents launched.

The site informs residents, community organisations and businesses about our zero carbon, affordable, community led Feasibility Study. The site provides project updates, how to get involved information, requests you submit an important questionnaire and responds to all questions about the project that are asked.

The Council has acknowledged it must play a part in providing responses to the climate emergency and how best to decarbonise heat. Shenstone Parish Council has received a grant from the government’s Rural Communities Energy Fund to undertake a Feasibility Study of viable, local renewable energy generation options in Shenstone and Stonnall.

The lead consultants appointed by the Parish Council are Bioregional and they have employed other specialists to determine, over the next few months, what a community heat network could look like. The Council and Bioregional have now set up a new Heating Shenstone and Stonnall web site found at Your initial questions about the Feasibility Study are very important and can be answered on the new web site. Information about your home and household is crucial to the project and can be submitted via the website. Work progress and public consultation dates will be provided via the website.

The Chair of Shenstone Parish Council David Salter stated that “The first Feasibility Study public consultation meeting will be in Shenstone on Monday June 20th at 6.30pm Shenstone Village Hall and Stonnall on Tuesday June 21st at 6.30pm Stonnall Community Centre and information about your household and heating submitted via the web site link will be vital to identifying future heating options”.

For further information about the study or to enquire about involvement, please contact David Thompson, Chair of the Parish Council Neighbourhood Planning and Property Committee at telephone no. 07582 603003 or Shirley O’Mara, Parish Clerk at telephone no. 01543 481947.

The Rural Community Energy Fund: