Approved F. L. H &S Meeting minutes – 07.02.23

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Approved minutes of Finance, Legal, Health & Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday Feb 7th 2023 at Shenstone Parish Office.

1 Register of Members in attendance

Cllr Sheila Beilby (Chair), Cllrs David Salter, David Thompson, Gail Nicholls, Stuart Jones, Lesley Edgley, Rita Hancocks & Phil Whitehouse

2 Acceptance of apologies. None

3 Public Participation.

Members of the public are invited to address Council for a maximum of 15 minutes. None

4 Declarations of interest.

Members should consider whether they should partake in any discussion or vote on matters on the agenda unless they have a dispensation: None

5 To accept and confirm minutes of the last Committee meeting on Tuesday 29th Nov 2022.

Duly approved & signed.

6 Finance.

Current financial position as of 7th Feb 2023 and transactions for approval.

Unity Bank £117,255.74. Nat West Current Account £905.00. Nat West Business Reserve £53,470.34. Nat West Liquidity Account Ear Marked funds £92,940.13. There were no questions re transactions.

7 Lengthsman Contract: Consider contract advice from Keelys Solicitors re Lengthsman contracts & make recommendations.

RECOMMENDATION: To approve and adopt both contracts, back dated to date of issue.

8 Community Grants: review of all applications received & recommendations.

The Committee reviewed all applications with confirmation from the Clerk that all supporting documents had been received.

RECOMMENDATION: Approval of applications – link to applications spreadsheet. 4 applications for Little Aston, 1 for Footherley, 7 for Stonnall & 16 for Shenstone.

9 Next meeting of Finance, Legal, Health & Safety Committee Tues April 25th at 5.30 Shenstone Parish Office.