Burial Regulations for St John’s Lower Lawn Cemetery

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Regulations for St John’s Lower Lawn Cemetery, Shenstone

Fees fixed and settled under Section 34 of the Burial Act 1852, Cemetery regulations under the Local Authority Cemetery Order 1977 & in accordance with the Diocese of Lichfield Chancellors Churchyard Regulations.

Burial/internment of cremated remains

Any resident of the Parish of Shenstone may request burial or internment in the lower lawn cemetery.

Applications for a deceased who was not a resident of the Parish will be considered in cases where:

  • They were a resident prior to moving outside of the Parish for care in a nursing home/hospital.
  • They had a close living association with the Parish

Exclusive right of burial and internment fees will be multiplied by two & a half when the deceased was not a resident. However, if the deceased had only moved out of the Parish within two years of their death they would be exempt from the additional charge.


All requests for burial/internment should be directed to the Registrar on 01543 481 947.

The office is open Monday-Thursday 08.00-17.00 with an answer machine taking messages outside of these times.

Specific plots

We are not able to grant requests for specific plots or locations in the cemetery.

Consecrated & un consecrated ground

As we are a Council controlled cemetery we have a specific area of land designated as unconsecrated.

Please specify when making an application if this is the area of choice.

Pre-Purchase of graves

Graves may only be purchased at the time of bereavement. You cannot purchase graves in advance.

Approval to place memorials

A memorial approval is required from the Parish Council office to erect any headstone or memorial/vase. These forms should be completed by the Funeral Director or Stonemason and approved by the Registrar before the stone is ordered.

Each application must include the full inscription, colour of lettering, type and colour of memorial stone

I.e. white marble, black granite and the overall dimensions. A detailed sketch or picture may be required.

Any colours must be in keeping with existing stones.

Please note that with regard to inscriptions, “known as” names must follow full names. I.e. Arthur Henry Dawson “Arty”.  Memorials may not bear photographs or portraits of any kind.

The application must be signed by the stonemason.

Siting of memorials

All memorials including kerb sets must be aligned with other memorials in the row before being securely fixed according to the current standards and Code of Practice as recommended by the National Association of Memorial Masons. It is the stonemason’s responsibility to ensure the correct siting of memorials.

Removal, erection, repair and cleaning of memorials.

The Registrar must be notified in advance before any work in the cemetery takes place and approval given accordingly.

All stonemasons must take care when erecting or removing memorials to avoid damage to paths, grass or other memorials.

Size of memorials

Memorials must be no wider than 24 x 24 inches/ 61 x 61 cm and   no higher than 14 inches/35.56 cm.

Vases must be no bigger than 8 x 8 inches/ 20.32cm x 20.32 cm.

Maintenance of Lower Lawn Cemetery

This is the responsibility of Shenstone Parish Council who will appoint a Contractor to look after the upkeep and care of the cemetery in accordance with a detailed specification.


Please see attached fees fixed & settled under Section 34 of the Burial Act 1852 & Cemetery regulations.

Date Reviewed and Amended: Sept 2019

Approved by Full Council at Sept 2019 meeting