Shenstone Strollers

Shenstone Strollers are a group of individuals who all reside in Shenstone and enjoy a good walk. We meet each Wednesday at 9.30 am out side No. 4 Fotherley Road.

Each walk has been pre-planned by the “guest leader” for that week, and usually entails a short (20 minutes or so) drive to the start point. The length of the walk can vary between 3 and 6 miles but will always end at a local pub or restaurant where lunch will be taken. The size of the group will also vary from week to week and could be as few as 3 or 4, or as many as 20 – often depending on the weather, or popularity of the route etc.

For details of the next walk or information in general please contact Peter Gravestock on 01543 897529