Stonnall Youth & Community Centre – Working Party Report & Recommendations June 2021

Stonnall Youth and Community Centre Working Group

June Report and Recommendations to Full Council

The detailed RICS survey of the SYCC will commence on the 16th June and on the day previously the SYCC Management Committee will give us all the details they have of repair work previously carried out to the building. The RICS survey will be used to inform Zurich of the outcome on the 25th June.

Following the response to the Parish Council News offer to apply for two WG places on the SYCC Working Group (SYCC WG) five residents put their names forward all linked directly or indirectly to the existing SYCC.

After careful consideration of this response the WG recommends that from the five names submitted Doug Morrison is invited onto the WG. In addition it is recommended Mick Cox is invited to rejoin the WG and further that a place is kept vacant for a resident who is not directly or indirectly involved with the SYCC.

The response to consultation has delivered no interest in the independent Trustee work required to implement the Village Hall accommodation option. The Working Group recommends that the option of the existing or new Village Hall Trustees leading on the redesign of the Village Hall is no longer pursued.

Following the distribution of the Parish Council News the SYCC Management Committee have made further representations maintaining that they have and wish to continue to repair the building while advocating that they can grow attendance and justify a replacement building.

Therefore the WG recommends that we respond to the offer of ownership as follows:-

  1. The WG meet the SYCC Management Committee to discuss the option of the SYCC forming a Charitable Trust to take ownership of the SYCC.
  2. Following meetings with the SYCC Management Committee the Parish Council informs the County Council that they do not wish to take up the offer of ownership.

The Council to note that (i) following a successful outcome from the above the SYCC Management Committee will independently approach the County Council to negotiate ownership (ii) the Parish Council will continue to make appropriate contributions to both the immediate and long term bids for funding by the Charitable Trust. This will be consistent with support to other Charitable Trusts and community organisations.