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Shenstone Parish Council (SPC) are delighted to announce that their proposal to Staffordshire County Council (SCC) in respect of the way forward for the future of the Stonnall Youth and Community Centre (SY&CC) was unanimously approved by the County Council’s Property Committee at its meeting of 6th October 2021 with very positive comments from its Members and Officers including : “extremely good proposal”, “good community value” and “fully support”.

It has been a long and complicated road, involving the investigation and evaluation of all possible avenues and alternatives, culminating in agreement with the existing Management Committee that, due to their long and successful involvement in the general running of the facility, they are best placed to take it forward as a whole community project with the support of the Parish Council in parity with its other associated bodies.

The sequence of events from this point will be:

•             The early termination of the Lease between the Parish Council and SCC which, by doing so, will remove certain constraints which may have hindered progress.

•             A contribution from the Parish Council will be made to SCC in lieu of demolition of the building (clause 5.1 of the Lease). The County Council has also agreed to the Parish Council’s request that this money will be ring-fenced for the future use, and benefit of, the SY&CC building.

•             SCC will draw a 6-month agreement with the management committee for them to continue with their day – to – day running of the facility during which time they will formalise their position by becoming a Charitable Trust and establish a Constituted Body to ensure the future of this well used and much valued community asset.

Shenstone Parish Council takes this opportunity to thank all of the management committee, past and present, for their dedicated work during the last 20 years of Shenstone Parish Councils association with them and hereby ensures its continued support.

The Parish Council also thanks all members of the wider community for their input during its consultations.

If you would like to view the recording of the County Council’s meeting it can be found at this website:

The submission to the County Council showing the proposal can be seen Here.

7th October 2021