Update on Shenstone Post Office – February 2021

Note from Chris Pincher MP

I want primarily to take this opportunity to update the village on the work my team and I have been doing to get our Post Office reopened. Our Post Office has been closed for far far too long. Many of us want to see the service resumed and I have found the voluminous correspondence I have had with Post Office HQ to be very frustrating. It is also very unfair that the space occupied in Mr Singh’s shop is costing him every day and yet he cannot use it whilst he is waiting for the office to be re-established.

The Post Office have told me that in view of the on-going crisis they will not be in a position to restore the service before April. I am sure many residents will be concerned about this and I am keen to solicit as much local support as possible to ensure the Post Office makes restoration of the Shenstone service a priority. If you agree, I would be very grateful if you would contact me (details below). I will then collect all the comments I receive and show them to the Post Office as further evidence of the village’s strong desire to see its Post Office back in action.

My team and I are continuing to work, albeit from home, to answer all your queries, be they COVID-19 related or not. If I can help, please do get in touch (christopher.pincher.mp@parliament.uk) and I will get you the help or information you need.