Graffiti – St John The Baptist Church and Graveyard Shenstone

Graffiti – St John The Baptist Church and Graveyard Shenstone – 7th and 8th August

Staffordshire Police has received a report of unknown people visiting the Church of St John the Baptist in Shenstone and drawing chalk marks on the church building, grave stones and bins. Pen markings have been used on the dustbins. In some instances, names on grave stones have been crossed out and drawings have been done on others.

This anti-social behaviour is totally unacceptable and incredibly offensive. The markings suggest the work of children who are old enough to be out by themselves but are not very mature. Markings in similar chalk have been drawn on the road in Church Close and on doors located on the walk way between Main Street and Church Close by the library. Names have been written – Emma, Baz, Harry, Katrina, Initials RW, KA . If anyone has any information about who these youngsters are please contact PCSO 25049

Can I encourage people to know where their children are and who they are with. Can I also ask for people who enjoy walking in the community to include the area of the Church in their evening walks over these next few weeks. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and is highly offensive to the community.

Thank you.

Andrea Horsnall
PCSO 25049 Andr