Shenstone Station Parking

Proposed traffic order around Shenstone Station.

To update you on the traffic order for restricted lines around

Shenstone Station: yesterday afternoon I spoke with the Engineer at Staffs County Council responsible for the project. He met last week with the Strategic Community Infrastructure Manager to review the consultation feedback.

There has been a very big response including a number of objections. These were mainly based on:

  • Concern about the visual impact of lines in the village  Concern about not being able to park outside own house for self or visitors
  • Displacement of cars to other areas of the village
  • Concern that the order was not far reaching enough

Because of the number of objections the traffic order needs to be amended and the objections addressed which will take time.

The engineer is aware of how long this has already gone on for and the size of the problem, particularly with commuters returning to work & the issues already arising again, but this is the process that has to be followed. I understand all those who objected will be directly contacted.

He was unable to give me a timescale beyond this.

I will update as soon as we are informed of anything further.

Parish Clerk.