S. Y & C.C. Working Party Minutes – 7th July 2021

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Minutes of Meeting of SY&CC Working Party Weds 7th July 5.00pm At Shenstone Community Library

1 Register of Members in attendance

Cllrs David Thompson, David Salter, Gail Nicholls, Stuart Jones, Sheila Beilby & Mr Doug Morrison .Clerk: Shirley O’Mara

Cllr Thompson welcomed Mr Morrison & briefed him on the Working Party Terms of Reference which will be shared

2 Acceptance of apologies. Cllr Mick Cox.

3 Review of RICS Level 3 Building Survey by Friend Associates.

The Working Group requested clarity from Friend Associates as to the estimated sum total of proposed works which is £40,123.68: it does not appear to include £11,000 of works required within the medium term. Clerk charged with getting clarification. Also, Mr Morrison raised a point about item 6.D.1 which states that smoke detectors are required. He provided documentation from the Fire Officer in 2019 disputing that. Again, Clerk will clarify.

The works identified are split between the first two years (£29.3k) and three to ten years (£11.0k).

Total cost over the next ten years is circa 50/54k with the addition of VAT and contractor professional fees. These costs are all estimates subject to quotes & tendering process. Two additional report areas are to be covered for Infestation and Drains.

Mr Morrison mentioned some works being planned for the immediate future but it was stressed that these must be informed by the Friend Associates building survey as everything must tie in.

Cllr Jones advised at length of the importance of having one contractor to coordinate and manage all areas of work, making not only the management of the project more centralised and efficient but also the tendering process.

Therefore, the SYCCMC will absorb all Friend Associates recommendations in any current plans they have for work on the Hut. The report will be shared with the SY&CCMC to allow them to employ reputable contractors following competitive quotes based on the survey report but with costs removed.

The building insurers will need to see that the specified works have been covered by the relevant guarantees and warranties.

4 Recommendations of next steps to take to Full Council July 13th

Cllr Thompson reiterated that the Parish Council have endorsed the decision that they do not wish to accept the offer from Staffs County Council to buy the SY&CC land but that it wishes Staffs County Council to make the same offer to the SY&CCMC who could set up as a Charitable Trust to run

the building going forward.

Cllr Salter listed the many advantages of this including securing the future of the building run by a group of trustees invested in the building and with many opportunities for funding and support. Grant funding would still be available from the Parish Council comparative with other organisations in the Parish. His recommendation from experience, he stated, makes the whole thing much tidier. Cllr Jones agreed from his recent experience as a Trustee of a new Charitable Trust and emphasised the amount of support available.

Mr Morrison asked if there could be an extension of the lease but Cllr Thompson stated that is not what the Parish Council are being offered. Mr Morrison also said that it could be seen that the Parish Council simply want to be rid of the SY&CC building. All Councillors stressed this was not the case and the catalyst for all of this came from a District Councillor on Staffs County Council.

RECOMMENDATION: The Working Group recommend that Council identify the SYCCMC as preferred owners. The Friend Associates report minus costings would then be released to the whole SY&CCMC to allow them to move forward with building plans.

5 Agree provisional date to meet SY&CC Committee to discuss next steps.

Mr Morrison will consult other SYCC MC members to identify dates in late July/August to discuss the option of SPC identifying the SYCC MC as the preferred owner’s option.

6 A.O.B.

Clerk to provide Mr Morrison with links to charitable trust information & support.

Cllr Salter wished to thank Cllr Jones for arranging the meeting at the library at short notice.