S.P.C. Meeting Agenda – 14th September 2021

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Dear Residents
You are cordially invited to attend the meeting of Full Council to be held on Tuesday 14th September 2021 7.15pm at Shenstone Village Hall.

The meeting will be held in line with current Government legislation. Please wear face masks, sanitise hands on entry and do not attend if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

Shirley O’Mara
Parish Clerk, RFO- Shenstone Parish Council
Date of notice: 2ndth Sept 2021




Register of members in attendance


Acceptance of apologies. Cllr Lesley Edgley & Cllr Nick Smith.


Public Participation.

Members of the public are invited to address Council for a maximum of 15 minutes.


Declarations of interest. Members should consider whether they should partake in any discussion or vote on matters on the agenda unless they have a dispensation:


To accept and confirm minutes of the last Full Council meeting on Tuesday 13th July 2021.


Clerk’s update on outstanding issues from last meeting:

Update on quotes re re-surfacing path from Stonnall Playing Fields to Church Lane.

Consider quote from J. E. Thompson Plant Hire for £4338.54 inc VAT.


To receive reports from District and County Councillors.



Current financial position & transactions for approval as at 14th Sept 2021

Feedback from External Auditor on audit report & completion.

External audit fully signed off with no qualifications.

Feedback from Finance, Legal, Health & Safety Committee Meeting on July 20th.

RECOMMENDATIONS: 1) Following recent building surveys on Stonnall Youth & Community Centre & the Richard Cooper Room, it was agreed to wait until Full Council in September to agree how much should be ring fenced from funds for potential renovation.

2) re-gravelling of the Stonnall Footpath from the Playing Fields to Church Lane: item covered under Clerks update

3) Calder Crossing, Lammas Land: survey due on 29th July. item covered under Clerks update

4) Neighbourhood Plans re-fresh. Ring fence £20,000.

5) Refurb of Parish Office Kitchen. £2,500 maximum.

6) Investigate costs of installing Wi-Fi in the Village Halls.

7) It was also agreed following the suggestion of Cllr Salter that funds should be reserved to absolutely clarify, through legal channels, the responsibilities and obligations that the Parish Council has regarding its assets and particularly its associated bodies. The Clerk was charged with seeking advice from Staffs Parish Council Association regarding recommended Solicitors.

Cllr Salter mentioned that the paths at Little Aston Recreation Ground are badly in need of attention and a contribution from Council would be welcome.

Cllr Jones said he would also like to see improvements to the equipment at Shenstone Playing Field.

Confirm the next meeting of Finance, Legal Health & Safety Committee Tues 26th Oct 2021 at 5.30 Shenstone Community Library



Approve planning applications received in last month and update on any objections/ developments including

(a) Meeting with officers of LDC Re: LP40 and Neighbourhood Plans.

(b) Response to the LP 40 consultation.

(c) Fox and Hounds Pagoda amendment.

(d) Cartersfield Lane, Elford Homes proposed planning application.

(e) Lammas Land boundary enquires update and further action required.

Confirm next Neighbourhood, Planning & Property Committee Meeting Tuesday Sept 21st at 5.30 Shenstone Community Library


Stonnall Youth & Community Centre: update from Working Group & consider recommendations.


Lammas Land survey of Calder Crossing: feedback & next steps


Update on Footherley Rough.


Consider request from Little Aston Recreation Ground Committee to increase annual funding of £1500.00 per annum.


New footbridge proposal for Lynn Lane /Industrial Estate right of way.


Review Procurement policy

Risk assessment

Risk management policy


New loop path requests on the Lammas land


Greysbrooke School Autumn Tree planting on Lammas Land: Consider Lichfield District Council assistance to undertake weed control after planting between the saplings. (year one possible 4-5 occasions) followed by 2-3 times annually thereafter or as requested by the Parish Council. £210 + vat per occasion.


Millennium Clock. Repairs required to make it work again.


Increased reports of dog fouling on Shenstone Street pavements.


Confirm location of three donated trees for Jubilee


Date of next meeting: Tuesday Oct 12th, 2021, at 7.15pm Shenstone Village Hall.