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Shenstone Parish Council News Release 28.02.22

Shenstone Parish Council has secured government funding for a feasibility study that will investigate future renewable heating options for homes, community buildings and businesses in Shenstone and Stonnall villages.

Shenstone Parish Council is pleased to announce that it has received a £34,450 grant from the government’s Rural Communities Energy Fund. The Parish Council will use the grant to engage specialist consultants to undertake a feasibility study of viable, local renewable energy generation options in Shenstone and Stonnall

The study will identify in both communities (i) the need for zero carbon options to be developed for existing village homes, community buildings and businesses (ii) the most realistic local renewable energy options to start to deliver zero carbon heating between 2025 and 2050 (iii) an outline business case showing how the local delivery of renewable energy could be managed and the individual costs. The study may conclude that the options apply to some or all of the homes, community buildings and businesses.

Bioregional are the consultants appointed by the Parish Council. They have the skills and experience to give residents, employers and managers of buildings in both communities a very good idea of what the local development renewable energy would entail. Bioregional will be working on the study between March and July and during this time household surveys and public consultation presentations will take place. If the feasibility study recommendations attract enough community commitment to go further with the development of a heating scheme, then additional government grants will be pursued to support that further step.

The Chair of Shenstone Parish Council David Salter stated that “Given the recent Glasgow COP 26 commitments and rising and volatile energy costs, this study will allow individual households and others to assess the local options to reduce carbon emissions and provide community scale renewable heating solutions”.

For further information about the study or to enquire about involvement, please contact David Thompson, Chair of the Parish Council Neighbourhood Planning and Property Committee at telephone no. 07582 603003 or Shirley O’Mara, Parish Clerk at telephone no. 01543 481947.

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