Minutes of the Stonnall Y & C. C. Working Party meeting (part 2) held on 24th Feb 2021

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Minutes from virtual meeting of Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party Part 2: held on Weds Feb 24th2021 after Mr Doug Morrison & Mr Peter Hales , Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Management Committee (SYCCMC) & County Cllr David Smith had left the meeting

Headline responses to the report by Mr Morrison, read by Cllr Smith, were agreed as follows:

1 The SYCC Building.

Details of the Building Appraisal repairs completed by the Management Committee and a schedule of the repair works budgeted for as well as specs matching the recommendations are required. Full Council to be asked to consider a full RICS survey for complete picture and reassurance.

2. Finance.

The SY&CCMC have done well under normal circumstances but the investment required does not fall under “normal” and must be part of a bigger assessment.

3. Consultation.

A consultation of ALL Stonnall residents has been carried out already with a very poor response. However, another much more thorough consultation will take place as soon as possible. The Working Party strongly disagrees with Cllr Smith’s statement that the views of non-hall users do not matter: the views of all residents matter when it comes to spending large amounts of public money.

4. Prospects.

The Working Party are not making any decisions but consultation and communication with all residents is important.

5. Existing Usage.

Regarding (One may question how much public money was spent on architects and advisers on the proposed Village Hall extension that was never an option.)”. In answer to the question, the answer is none.

The Working Party would like to see details of the “interested new users”

6. The Site.

Useful information which will be used for future planning.

7. New Build.

Very interesting but no evidence to support the claim. Detail required

8. Where to Next.

Acknowledgement that Covid 19 has delayed & will continue to delay progress but the Working Party will advise Council that communication & consultation are necessary.

Cllr Thompson was charged with briefing Full Council at the March 9th meeting and, if approved, drafting a detailed response to the SY&CCMC & Cllr Smith.