Minutes of the Stonnall Y & C.C. Working Party meeting held on 30th September 2020

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Minutes from virtual meeting of Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party held on September 30th 2020 via Zoom at 4.00pm

1 Register of members in attendance:

Cllrs David Thompson; Sheila Beilby; Gail Nicholls; Stuart Jones, Neil Perry & David Salter Clerk: Shirley O’Mara

2 Apologies received:


3 Actions from previous meetings.

Detailed under item 4.

4 Outcome of the site visit to assess the potential of Stonnall Village Hall for further development.

Cllrs Thompson, Beilby & Nicholls did a site visit of the Village Hall on Saturday 26th Sept. Cllr Thompson reported it as a very positive visit with real potential to extend vertically and at the rear. Cllr Nicholls said there is a lot of unutilised space and that if an architect with a vision is brought in there is massive potential. Cllr Beilby said that the roof space in particular could serve as an ideal place for Coffee Club, Conservation meetings and others. There was some discussion about use of the rear of the building but concern about access to toilets and loss of parking spaces.

Cllr Salter suggested a pre application to Lichfield District Council would be useful so that any proposal has the correct guidance and the best chance of going through.

Cllr Beilby stated that a meeting with the trustees of the Village Hall is required if any proposal is approved by Council.

Cllr Perry expressed concern that discussions seemed to indicate that a decision had already been made. Cllr Thompson stated that this was not the case and that the Item 7 on the agenda was to do that but there was clearly a consensus that one single venue would be the best use of public money.

5 Appointment of a Project Manager.

A professional needs to be appointed to translate the Councils brief. Cllr Thompson will be involved a little more but three estimates need to be sought before an appointee is made. Cllr Nicholls reminded Council of Mr John Punch who has forwarded his CV already.

If Council approve this recommendation then the Village Hall trustees then need to be consulted as well as existing users. Cllr Perry asked if the Chairman of the SY&CC should not be consulted first & Cllr Thompson confirmed that there is a meeting planned to do this on October 14th.

6 Appointment of an Architect.

Cllr Nicholls suggested we approach Support Staffordshire for a list of recommended architects.

There was some discussion re budget and the Clerk refreshed the Committee of the current financial position but highlighted other areas of expense expected as well as this potential project. Cllr Thompson said that the Project Manager will be expected to give a cost estimate. Cllr Beilby stated that any spend on the village hall is likely to be similar to the cost of a SY&CC rebuild. Cllr Thompson agreed but said that the utilisation of the SY&CC does not justify the expense & this way forward allows 100% use of an asset. Grant funding would need to be pursued to contribute to costs with someone looking solely after fundraising required.

Cllr Jones stated that HS2 funding opportunities currently exist.

7 Decision to progress the option of an enlarged Stonnall Village Hall and to decline the offer of ownership of the SYCC being put to the 13th October Council meeting.

RECOMMENDATION: The Committee voted unanimously to decline the offer from Staffs County Council and recommend the development of Stonnall Village Hall to offer all users of current Community facilities access on one site.

There will be some expense on The Hut in the meantime with areas requiring attention identified at the meeting on October 14th.

8 Meeting with SYCC Management Committee representatives on 14th October.

Cllr Thompson & the Clerk to meet Mr Doug Morrison.

9 Newsletter- public update

An article detailing the progress and findings of the Working Party to date & any Council resolution will be printed in the next newsletter for circulation at the end of the month.

10 A.O.B.

Cllrs Perry, Cox & Jones to do a site visit of the Village Hall on Oct 6th/7th.

11 Date of next meeting:

Weds 21st October 4.00pm via Zoom.