Minutes of the Stonnall Y & C. C. Working Party meeting held on 25th Nov 2020

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Minutes from virtual meeting of Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party held on November 25th 2020

1 Register of members in attendance:

Cllrs David Thompson, Stuart Jones, Sheila Beilby, Gail Nicholls, Mick Cox, Neil Perry & David Salter.

Clerk: Shirley O’Mara.

2 Apologies received:


3 Village Hall Pre-Application Update.

John Punch, acting on behalf of the Council, is in the process of preparing two pre-applications to LDC looking at both lateral & vertical options, with the pre-apps submitted by Christmas. Mr Punch also brings the added value of other good quality

professional school extension contractors & would like for our information to get a provisional estimate of the cost of work, and though this will be without any pre app details or drawings but will still be relevant.

John Punch also visited the village hall today with Cllr Beilby who stated that Mr Punch’s initial view was that the most effective and least disruptive extension would be to build outwards from the front of the building for about 3 metres & build it two storeys, going into the roof by lifting about a metre to build a large lounge, leave toilets as they are downstairs, move upstairs storage downstairs & install a lift. The rest of the building would not be touched at all. Cost approximation £200,000.

Cllr Thompson welcomed the suggestion but was very keen to still explore both the lateral & vertical options. There was some lengthy discussion about whether lateral development could limit potential user groups. It was finally agreed that both alternatives should be explored as soon as possible to keep the momentum.

4 Funding Applications.

HS2 & Regional Quarry Company identified. A submission writer is required.

Cllr Salter raised the issue of whether the Parish Council as Custodian Trustees should be actually making applications to both planning department & grant funders or should it actually be the Village Hall Committee as a registered charity?

The Clerk was charged with seeking clarification from our Solicitors/SPCA.

5 Meeting with Mr Simon Clifton & Mr Stuart Wills of Stonnall 23rd Nov 2020.

The Clerk had previously distributed the minutes of the meeting with both gentlemen but both the Clerk & Cllrs Thompson & Jones gave a re-cap.

The four areas for discussion are:

  1. Challenge to the village consultation. That it was not far reaching enough, poorly communicated & should be done again with clear messages & assistance from Mr Clifton & Mr Wills in distribution/collating.

Whilst the Working Party disagree that not enough effort has been made re consultation, they did agree to another consultation after the Full Council meeting on Dec 8th when the recommendations re next steps will either be approved or not.

  1. Request to consider holding off on the ratification of Council’s decision to

Reject the Staffs County Council offer of sale & the investigation of the Stonnall Village Hall.

The working party voted unanimously not to do so and allow Full Council

process to proceed without influence.

  1. Agree questions in the joint consultation

It was agreed that participation in the consultation was welcome but that Council would lead. The consultation will clearly lay out actions to date, options available and direction proposed.

  1. Request for Stonnall residents to be part of the Working Group.

Agreed- increase the Working Party to ten with a request for nominations to join to be advertised as part of the next stage of consultation. Mr John Punch will contribute to the Working Party as a professional advisor.

All points to be taken to Full Council as recommendations.