Minutes of the Stonnall Y & C. C. Working Party meeting held on 21st Dec 2020

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Minutes from virtual meeting of Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party held on Monday December 21st 2020

1 Register of members in attendance:

Cllr David Thompson & Mr Ian Turner, Head of Commercial Property & Assets, Staffs County Council. Clerk- Shirley O’Mara.

2 Apologies received:


3 Welcome & introduction.

Cllr Thompson set the context of the meeting with a thorough update of the meetings to date and the current position for the benefit of Mr Turner.

4 Mr Turner stated that his understanding was that there is no urgency to make a decision. That this is a request from the County Councillor on behalf of the Parish Council & the Community & County is not pushing for this to be resolved quickly.

Timescale is our own. Cllr Thompson said that this is really helpful & important to share with the community. Also that a conversation with County Cllr Smith was necessary.

5 Mr Turner said in respect of SYCC that it is clear that the Parish have the lease of the property and that any arrangements beneath that are the Parish’s decision.

6 In respect of Custodial Trustee status for the Village Hall. Mr Turner encouraged us to investigate & understand obligations as trustees because these can sometimes be changed if they are not fit for purpose.

This is something Staffs have considerable experience of dealing with.

Cllr Thompson said this is very useful info and a refresh may well be very helpful.

7 Keeping Mr Turner in the loop is appreciated but, again, there is no pressure to come to a decision.