Minutes of Stonnall Y & C.C. Working Party meeting  held on 30th March 2021

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Minutes from virtual meeting of Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party held on Tues March 30th 2021.

1 Register of Members in attendance:

Cllrs David Thompson, David Salter, Sheila Beilby, Gail Nicholls, Stuart Jones.

Shirley O’Mara ( Parish Clerk)

2 Apologies: None

3 Actions from last meeting 24th Feb 2021.

  • All notes of meetings shared with Full Council on 9th March.

  • Newsletter issued with approved Full Council statement

  • Following a complaint from Mr Doug Morrison objecting to the use of the word “recommend” in Cllr Thompsons response to the SY&CCMC

Cllr Thompson issued a letter of apology on 24th March. Full letter attached: Full Council to be briefed 13th April.

4 Feedback on Parish Spring Newsletter: Nothing as yet

5 Guide price and drawing supplied by S&G Construction. It was agreed that this info is indeed very much a guide price and too much of an approximation.

6 Next steps

  • Cllr Thompson will write to Ian Turner at Staffs County Council in response to the delay initiated by Cllr Smith of which the Working Group is in agreement. Clarification over the exact nature of the County’s offer will be sought

  • County Cllr David Smith has expressed a very strong interest in joining the Working Party. This may be considered to be a conflict of interest so advice will be sought. Will also need to be considered alongside all other applicants.

  • Cllr Thompson to write the full specification for a potential second, more detailed RICS survey for which Council approval is requested at the 13th April meeting. RECOMMENDATION.

  • Cllr Thompson to write a brief for a LDC pre application for the replacement of the SYCC building to establish what would be the outcome in respect of car parking and other planning requirements.

There were long discussions but no agreement or conclusions over any part Stonnall Village Hall could play in the future. The focus is very much on a second survey which, if approved, will hopefully take place later in April and give a much clearer and complete understanding of the challenges faced.