Minutes of the Stonnall Y & C.C. Working Part Meeting – 8th July 2020  

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Minutes from virtual meeting of Stonnall Youth & Community Centre Working Party held on 8th July 2020 via Zoom at 11.00am

Register of members in attendance:

Cllrs David Thompson, David Salter; Sheila Beilby; Gail Nicholls; Mick Cox & Stuart Jones. Clerk: Shirley O’Mara


Cllr Neil Perry

1 Refresh of the remit of the working group.

David T began by restating that there is a lot for the group to do, that it is going to take a while and we must proceed carefully. We need to have an understanding of what is being offered, what any conditions are and what the demand is for a Community Centre. Work streams will be identified and responsibilities shared.

Gail wished to clarify whether Mick was attending the meeting as a Councillor or as a member of the SY&CC Committee. Mick confirmed it was as a Councillor.

Sheila stated that in her view a member of the hut committee should be involved as well as residents input. David T reminded us that the relationship between the SY&CC Committee & the Parish Council is still unresolved. David S said that he thinks others should be brought in to speak on specific issues at the appropriate time.

The management committee needs to be restructured and, once this framework is in place, we engage with them.

Sheila put forward the idea that the facility could be jointly managed with the Village Hall. Mick agreed that this was potentially a good idea.

2 Refresh of the budget set aside for the new building.

The Clerk read” Ring fenced funds in the liquidity account stands at £161,949.00 & the business reserve fund £53,308.

These are earmarked funds for the hut, neighbourhood plan revisions & our expected legal costs re the investigation & formation of management agreements.

We of course have the unity account at £176,596 but I would suggest initially we keep that as our working account- especially as we may pick up a lot of extras from LDC if their budgets are impacted by Covid as Alan Toplis has indicated is possible. “

Mick confirmed that the SY&CC committee have received the £10K Covid support grant and Sheila felt that the committee should hold their funds separately from any re-build budget as they will need working capital to go forward. There is a resident in Stonnall very experienced with grant applications that may be approached to explore what funds are out there. There is also £11K in reserve specifically for Stonnall Neighbourhood Plan which could be utilised.

3 SCC proposed transfer: negotiations and agreement to the terms.

David T stressed the importance of meeting with Officers from SCC to clarify exactly what we are being offered. Mick agreed and will take this forward with David. Shirley will confirm who the best person to speak to at SCC is.

There was some discussion re the importance of the car park being included and the responsibility for it.

4 Commissioning an independent building survey.

David T stated that we must know the condition of the existing premises. A survey was completed but there were concerns with this- some expressed at the time by Doug Morrison. Stuart stated that regardless of concerns with the survey it was clear that replacing the existing building is essential and we should go ahead. David T said that it was important to establish this as fact and proceed with prudence and quality with a second high level survey. Shirley was requested to source a contractor.

5 Procurement of a project manager.

This is something that is much further down the line but needs to be considered- do we go with something bespoke or a turnkey option. Research done by Gail indicates a likely cost of £250K inc kitchen & toilets with the EDU9 turnkey option from “The Stable Company”. 

6 Consultation with residents:

research into the capacity of other community buildings. A very poor public response despite notices in three e-bulletins, delivered to every home in Stonnall + website+ our Facebook+ Stonnall Matters.

11 in total: 6 exclusively pre-school & youth use, 1 for every one of all ages, 2 x preschool & community café, 1 x stay as it is & 1 stay as is but consider new ideas as well. This is a very disappointing result.

It was agreed that a final communication focusing entirely on the SY&CC should be produced as well as arranging a public meeting whereby members of the public can attend a drop in session to share their views and chat with members of the Working Party. All organisations will be invited but anyone representing a large group should have a letter of authorisation. The date of the meeting will be Sat 26th Sept 10.00-2.00pm. Shirley charged with co-ordinating.

7 Submission of a pre-application to LDC.

Testing LDC on an outline design pre-application is not required as yet but it is important to note going forward. There was some discussion regarding tiers of building, size and types of flooring.

8 Distribution of work stream tasks among Working Group members

Shirley will focus on communications to established SY&CC users and a general flyer to Stonnall residents with focus on drop in meeting.

David & Mick will liaise with SCC re the offer.

9 A.O.B

Next meeting Weds 5th Aug 11.00am via Zoom.