Managing our Road Verges for Wildlife

We have launched a questionnaire about managing road verges for wildlife (with road safety and pedestrian safety also in mind)

Sadly, the UK is listed as the worst nation in the G7 for the volume of wildlife and wild spaces lost due to human activity, resulting in it being ranked twelfth worst of 240 countries and territories.

With over 97% of wildflower meadows destroyed since the 1930s, road verges are a vital refuge for bees, butterflies, birds, bats and bugs. The loss of biodiversity is one of the largest threats to our own survival and our verges could really help in our endeavours to make the UK richer in wildlife.

We attended Staffordshire Climate Matters Conference in Stoke last week, which was attended by Staffordshire County Council and all the Borough and District Councils in Staffordshire. It was encouraging to hear all the councils speak, who were keen to promote what they are doing to deal with the challenge of the climate emergency.

The keynote speaker there was Dr James Dyke, who is the Assistant Director of the Global Institute and Programme Director of the MSc Global Sustainability Solutions at Exeter University. Dr Dyke laid bare the proven science showing the reality of what we are facing. We are literally hurtling towards the tipping point and sitting on a precipice. Relatively small changes in legislation by local and regional councils over managing verges could be part of the impact we make to slow down the rate of climate change.

Encouraging people to change their habits is important, but the real change will come from leadership within our councils at all levels. Climate Matters Staffordshire conference day was all about people working together, across political boundaries. Here at Sustainability Matters Stafford, we are also apolitical and welcome input and action from all.

We would be very grateful if you might circulate this questionnaire and help us find out what the public appetite is for trialling pilot schemes around the county of Staffordshire.

You can fill in the quick questionnaire via this link here, and we are asking people to fill it in just once:

Shropshire has started a great initiative and you may also want to take a look at how it is working there:

Kind regards,

Sustainability Matters Stafford Team