Blue Bin Recycling – Briefing Note

Lichfield District Parish Forum – Blue Bin Recycling 

I am able to advise that the range of materials which can be recycled in the blue bin hasn’t changed. However we have asked residents to change the way they present their materials because we have had several loads rejected at the sorting plant due to high levels of contamination.

When we looked into the issue we found that the worse loads were those which contained a lot of bagged waste. Unfortunately some residents have been putting materials including food waste, nappies, animal bedding and textiles into these bags. In effect they have been using the blue bin as a second black bin.

All we are now asking residents to do is put their recycling materials into the bin loose rather than in a bag. This will help the crews to identify any bins which contain the wrong materials. We will still accept plastic and paper bags for recycling as long as they are empty.

Any resident that has additional waste can present excess next to their bin but it must be in a clear sack which allows the collectors to see the contents. White bags are not acceptable because they are not see through. Most of the major supermarkets do sell clear sacks.

We recommend that residents who wish to dispose of shredded paper place it in a clear sack next to the bin. Otherwise there is a risk that it will blow out of the bin when it is emptied.

The full list of materials that we can accept for recycling is available for viewing on the Council’s website using the following link:

Lichfield’s residents recycled 48.12% of their waste in 2019/20 which compares reasonably well to neighbouring authorities and the national picture. Individual local authorities no longer have to meet a recycling target however there is an EU target applicable to the whole of the UK – 50% by the end of 2020.

Should you require any further information on this subject then please do not hesitate to contact Nigel Harris, General Manager Joint Waste Service. Telephone: 01543 687549 and Email address: