Approved Minutes from S.P.C Meeting – Feb 8th 2022  

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Approved minutes of Full Council meeting held on Tuesday February 8th 2022, at 7.15pm Shenstone Village Hall.

148 Register of members in attendance.

Cllr David Salter (Chairman, Shenstone Wood End).Cllr Sheila Beilby ( Vice-Chair), Cllr Gail Nicholls, Cllr Nicky Macdonald, Cllr Val Neale, Cllr Mick Cox (Stonnall). Cllr Rita Hancocks, Cllr Stuart Jones, Cllr John Branch, Cllr Neil Perry, Cllr David Thompson (Shenstone). Cllr Kelly Harrison & Cllr Nick Smith (Little Aston). Shirley O’Mara (Clerk). County Cllr David Smith.

Mr Keith Jones, Mrs Mary Jones, Mr Graham Birt.

149 Acceptance of apologies.

Cllr Lesley Edgley, Cllr Nicki Gobran. PCSO Andrea Horsnall

150 Public Participation.

Members of the public are invited to address Council for a maximum of 15 minutes.

At this point item 161 was brought forward. Mrs Mary Jones read the following request for Council funds to support two separate Jubilee events.

I am here to ask for funding to provide Community Celebration Events to mark the Platinum Jubilee of our Queen

I propose that we hold a free Tea /Coffee and cake Jubilee Community Celebration at one of the village venues – yet to be decided. This would be open to all village residents.

The event would run from say 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm on Saturday 4th June as an “open house”. A rotating band of volunteers would be making the tea and coffee; doing the serving and of course the washing up.

For those residents who may not be able to attend the event due to mobility or other issues, I am proposing we create a “goody box” containing cake etc, which would be delivered to these residents – as we did during lockdown. We already have a list of needy individuals.

I anticipate that we would need to cater for three to four hundred attendees – including the housebound. So, at a cost of £3 per head we are looking for funding of around £1200

Clearly, this proposal is just for Shenstone village, as I’m sure Stonnall and Little Aston will be organising their own events and submitting their funding requests as and when.

The other funds I am seeking is related to the planned Beacon Lighting event to be held on Thursday 2nd June.

This event is scheduled to take place near the old tower at 9.15 pm.

I am proposing that attendees would be offered a complimentary glass of Bucks Fizz (or similar) or other non-alcoholic drink, served in disposable glasses for a loyal toast to Her Majesty.

I estimate a sum of £250 should be sufficient to cover all associated costs.

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to put forward these proposals”.

Although only an outline plan at this stage, Council was very supportive & agreed to consider the request later in the evening after finance updates had been shared.

Cllr Beilby also shared a request from Stonnall residents for £3,000 of grant funding to hire a big screen & speakers to live stream the Jubilee concert on the playing fields creating a “party in the park”.

County Cllr Smith said that if Council are minded to support the grant requests he would provide match funding.

At this point an item under 156 was brought forward as Mr Keith Jones wished to discuss a planning application in Eastridge Croft. He personally has submitted an objection but was concerned that his details had not been redacted as he would have expected, resulting in the resident of the property being aware of the names of those who were in opposition. Cllr Thompson said that his view from the website was that LDC should redact telephone numbers and email addresses but LDC do not say they redact addresses. He also clarified that the resident perhaps in retrospect should have approached neighbours directly at the pre-application stage.

Mr Graham Birt, a neighbour in Eastridge Croft, supported the points made by Mr Jones and the response from Cllr Thompson who explained the reasons behind the Parish Council objection: H2, H3 & H4 in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Thompson has met with the resident to explain Council’s position.

The Planning Committee will consider the application as it will be called in by Cllr Salter as a District Councillor at Lichfield. This is so key principles of the Neighbourhood Plan are maintained.

County Cllr Smith advised Mr Birt & Mr Jones that one person has a right to attend the meeting and speak to the Committee which is often very effective. Cllr Thompson advised that it may be best left to the Parish Council for the benefit of ongoing relations between neighbours.

151 Declarations of interest. Members should consider whether they should partake in any discussion or vote on matters on the agenda unless they have a dispensation:


152 To accept and confirm minutes of the last Full Council meeting on Tuesday 11th January 2022.

Duly approved & signed.

153 Clerk’s update on outstanding issues from last meeting:

Garnet Close, Stonnall: trees requiring attention on unadopted land. Addressed by County Cllr Smith under item 154.

Meeting with Shenstone Playing Fields Committee: update from Cllrs Salter/Thompson.

It was reported that a very positive meeting had been held with Mr Harpal Panasar of Shenstone Playing Fields Committee & matters were progressing with the CIL grant funding.

The Village Hall landlocked issue was also discussed at the meeting for the Committee to consult further. County Cllr Smith said the use of CIL monies for the benefit of playgrounds was very positive.

Cllr Salter mentioned that he is still awaiting Speedwatch flyers from PCSO Andrea Horsnall but expects them next week.

Also, a new laptop for the office has been purchased.

A meeting to discuss the 2022 Remembrance commemoration is still to be arranged.

154 To receive reports from District and County Councillors.

Cllr Smith reported as follows:

  • commended the work of the Lengthsmen on the Church Road footpath.

  • Advised that the Village signs are illegal as they were erected without permission from County Highways. He is happy to ask County for permission if Council wish to re-paint them.

  • Looking at County policy to allow white painted rocks to remain as borders.

  • There is no chance of reviewing the recent Shenstone Traffic Order due to lack of funds. However, an enquiry is ongoing re the objection from a Richard Cooper Road resident which appears not to have been registered correctly.

  • It is possible to move signs which are part of a recent traffic order. Cllr Salter mentioned the illuminated sign on the Birmingham Rd which needs moving & will prepare a request to County. Cllr Branch said that the second illuminated sign is very effective where it is.

  • Shenstone Wood End will be added to the upcoming speed review.

  • Re Garnet Close, Cllr Smith has no further information.

Cllr David Salter mentioned the Community Governance Review survey in which Parish Councils views are sought and the request for input from Lichfield District Council to the future use of Beacon Park.

155 Finance.

Current financial position & transactions for approval 8th Feb 2022.

Unity Trust £66,886.12. Nat west Current Account £905.00. Nat West Business Reserve £ 53,316.88. Nat West Liquidity Account £162,400.04. £30,000 is still to be transferred from the Liquidity account to the Unity account to cover professional fees that are earmarked funds.

Recommendations from Finance, Legal, Health & Safety Committee Meeting on 25th Jan 2022.

Community Grant Applications 2022 for consideration & approval.

RESOLUTION: Link to spreadsheet  which details all resolutions.

Emergency grant application from Stonnall Defibrilator Guardians for £1461.90.

RESOLUTION: unanimously approved.

At this point Item 163 was brough forward.

A request has been submitted for a third defibrillator in Shenstone. The distance between the proposed site at St Johns Hall & the two existing apparatus at the Parish Office & the Village Hall justifies a third. RESOLUTION: Council support in principle investigations into a third defibrillator. Cllr Perry raised the subject of training for the equipment and the importance of sharing it with residents. Cllr Macdonald explained that training is already booked in Stonnall and we have contacts to arrange more. The Clerk will include more news in the next newsletter and on the website.

Cllr Thompson asked the Clerk to investigate whether defibrillators are also in place on the Industrial Estate.

Update on CIL expenditure. £8,000 CIL grant funding has been made to the three wards for purchase of playground equipment. Little Aston is complete, Stonnall is in process & Shenstone have just received a quotation for the same roundabout. Cllr Thompson proposed a £1000 top up grant to cover the full cost of a roundabout which would be purchased directly by Council . Cllr Thompson was willing to submit a Councillor led grant request to cover this. The Management Committee would then pick up all additional costs.

RESOLUTION: Proposed by Cllr Thompson, seconded by Cllr Jones. Approved.

Cllr Jones then shared the attached report re a parcel of land on the Lammas Land & he asked for consideration & discussion at a later meeting. It was agreed to take forward at the Neighbourhood Planning & Property Committee at the end of the month with a site visit in the meantime.

Next meeting of Finance, Legal, Health & Safety Committee Tuesday 22nd March 2022 at 5.30 AT Shenstone Community Library.

156 Planning.

Approve planning applications received in last month and update on any objections/ developments. Link to planning applications spreadsheet

  • Objections submitted re Holly Hill Road & Eastridge Croft, as discussed.

  • Successful objection re Derry Farm which has been refused.

  • Objection to the SCC proposals made by 1 Richard Cooper Road leading up to the Road Traffic Regulation Act Order No 1/2009: update. Covered by County Cllr Smith in item 154.

  • Cllr Salter raised the planning application to remove condition 3 (noise mitigation) to allow use of outdoor pergola. Cllr Thompson will investigate.

Next meeting of the Neighbourhood, Planning & Property Committee Meeting Tuesday Feb 22nd Shenstone Library at 5.30pm.

157 Traffic Management Order Review.

Cllrs Thompson & Perry met to agree a way forward to assess the success/failure of the Shenstone Station Traffic Order. This will entail arranging a meeting with a Staffs County Engineer, consulting residents on their opinions and then agreeing next steps.

Cllrs Perry & Edgley will meet with the Clerk in the next weeks to formulate the resident’s communication. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

158 RCEF Stage 1 Feasibility Study Grant funding: update & next steps.

Cllr Thompson shared details of the successful grant funding awarded to Council to allow a feasibility study which will identify (i) the need for zero carbon options to be developed for homes, community buildings and businesses (ii) the most realistic local renewable energy options to deliver zero carbon heating between 2030 and 2050 (iii) an outline business case showing how it could be managed and the individual costs. Bioregional were the successful bidder and will be meeting us shortly.

A working group sub-committee of Neighbourhood Planning & Property will be set up to drive forward.

Cllr Salter as Chairman signed the grant letter of acceptance.

159 Richard Cooper Room: feedback from Management Committee meeting & next steps.

Two reports were shared with Council. Link to report 1. Link to report 2 & a statement from Mrs Tresa Rock read out. Link to Mrs Rock’s statement. A meeting on the 9th February is already in place and land title clarification imminent.

160 Little Aston: school crossing on Walsall Road.

Cllr Harrison has co-ordinated a survey of Parents of pupils at Little Aston School to assess support for a traffic crossing. 80 parents are in favour with the school also supportive.

Investigations will follow to establish next steps.

161 H.M. The Queen Jubilee 2022 celebrations. Including consideration of grant funding.

RESOLUTION: Council voted to ring fence £10,000 towards community events including those discussed under public participation. Proposed Cllr Salter, seconded Cllr Thompson & unanimously agreed.

162 Missing street sign in Little Aston. Cannot progress as was initially illegally installed.

163 Public defibrillator at St Johns Hall, Shenstone

Covered under Item 155.

164 Lengthsman interviews: update & recommendation from Employment Committee

Cllr Salter stated that the interviews to replace Steve have taken place but as yet there has been no decision. The Employment Committee hope to make a recommendation by the next meeting.

165 Bee Friendly status. Currently compiling evidence to complete application.

166 Next meeting of Full Council Tuesday March 8th 2022, 7.15pm Shenstone Village Hall