ANPR Public Consultation

What is ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is used by Staffordshire Police and all national Police forces throughout the UK to help detect, deter and disrupt criminality.  It can also be a powerful tool in helping to tackle traveling criminals who pass through Staffordshire or travel to Staffordshire to commit crime.

  • Across the County served by Staffordshire Police, technology is deployed in a number of areas which are of strategic importance. In line with national policy, the specific locations of cameras are not disclosed. To do so would be of potential benefit to criminals using the roads and in turn hinder the effectiveness of a policing purpose of ANPR.

    How ANPR Works?

  • As a Vehicle passes an ANPR camera its registration number is read and Instantly checked against database records of vehicles of interest including the Police National Computer.
  • If the Number plate matches against one of the data bases ,an alert is sent to a police operator who will evaluate the information and decide whether to deploy officers to intercept the vehicle
  • The Vehicle Data captured by ANPR is not looked at unless a criminal offence has taken place.
  • ANPR is not used for speeding and other motoring offences such as using a mobile phone or not wearing a seat belt.
  • All part of ANPR including system searches are audited to ensure that legislation such as the Data Protection Act are adhered to.

    Camera sites are determined following an in-depth assessment to ensure that locations are and continue to be necessary, proportionate and in line with a pressing social need

  • In the Coming months Staffordshire Police are planning to increase the number of ANPR cameras it currently has in the county.
  • They will be replacements some of the existing ANPR Cameras due to them coming to the end of life.
  • Cameras in our area include Bassets Pole, Lichfield and Norton Canes.

    As part of the public consultation we would really appreciate 5 minutes of your time to fill in the questionnaire located via this link : Public consultation electronic record SP-ER2023.docx


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Thomas Passmore
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