Annual Parish Meeting Agenda- April 2022

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Annual Parish Meeting 2022

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING will be held on Wednesday 27th APRIL 2022 at 6.00pm at Shenstone Community Library, Main St. Shenstone

Every year, in every Parish, the Local Parish Council is required, by law to hold a ‘Parish Meeting”. Whilst the Parish Council arranges this meeting and provides reports upon Parish matters, it is not a meeting of the Parish Council. It is, specifically, a meeting for Parish residents and community groups to bring up any issue, raise any questions or put forward ideas and proposals in relation to the Parishes of Little Aston, Shenstone and Stonnall.

If you would like to submit a report from your organisation to be circulated at the meeting, please e-mail by Monday 25th April to

1. Apologies for absence

2. Welcome and introduction by the Chairman of Shenstone Parish Council 2021/22, Councillor David Salter

3. To approve and adopt the Minutes of the 2020/21 Annual Parish Meeting 28th April 2021

4. Shenstone Parish Council Annual Report 2021/2022

5. Shenstone Parish Council Financial Report 2021/22

6. District and County Council Reports 2021/22

7. Matters raised by Parish Residents – Open Forum

8. To receive reports from Community Organisations

9. Vote of thanks to all participants

10 .Closure of meeting

Chairman – David Salter