Agenda F, L, H & S meeting to be held on 25th May 2021


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Dear Residents
You are cordially invited to attend a meeting of the Finance, Legal, Health & Safety Committee to be held on Tuesday 25th May 2021 at 5.30pm at Shenstone Library, Main Street, Shenstone.

Shirley O’Mara
Parish Clerk, RFO- Shenstone Parish Council

Date of notice: 19t’ May 2021

  1. Register of members in attendance

2. Acceptance of apologies.

3. Public Participation.

4. Declarations of interest. Members should consider whether they should partake in any discussion or vote on matters on the agenda unless they have a dispensation:

5. To accept and confirm minutes of the last Finance, Legal, Health & Safety Committee Meeting March 23rd March 2021.

6. Finance. Current financial position & transactions for approval as at 25‘” May 2021

7. Review and adopt Financial Terms of Reference & Regulations

8. Notification of Lichfield District Council Maintenance Contract RPI increase of 1.4%

9. Consider internal auditor Topliss Associates for 2021/22 & make recommendation to Council

10. Consider external auditor Mazars for 2021/22 & make recommendation to Council

11. Consider investigating purchasing Footherly Rough to create a nature reserve

12. Next meeting of F,L,H&S Committee July 20“ at 5.30. ‘ Venue TBC.