The Princes Trust – youth education support

 As the government has made the decision to close Schools and local youth services, except for those considered ‘key workers’, we wanted to say The Prince’s Trust is opening its educational resources for all youth services that provide educational support to YP across the West Midlands. The Prince’s Trust offers a fully accredited Personal Development and Employability programme to 11-19 year olds, at level 1

We know these current times may bring challenges within Schools to help engage YP with flexible education alternatives, so please feel free to access our resources for free

If your School, or youth service, has students looking to engage in our provision, we would just require a profile form to be completed. No learner is expected to complete the formal qualification, however this could be an option retrospectively if you were interested. Ultimately, we just want to provide some structure and support to Schools that may be looking for something positive to do during these difficult times

If you haven’t already started accessing these modules, we have now adapted 8 modules into WORD format:

  1. Interpersonal Skills
  2. Managing Money
  3. Personal Project
  4. Planning for Personal Development
  5. Teamwork                                                     
  6. Preparing for a Healthy Lifestyle               
  7. Digital Skills (Including Online Safety)
  8. Presentation Skills

Click HERE and HERE for further module information

NOTE: If a student completes any 2 of these units, they could be submitted for an accredited Level 1 Award in Personal Development and Employability from The Prince’s Trust.

If you are remaining open and looking for educational resources for your young people, please feel free to contact me directly <> and we will aim to provide you with access within 1 working day

Thank you for your continued support.
Rachel Edwards | Head of Operations- West Midlands | Prince’s Trust, The Cold Store, Beorma Quarter, Digbeth High Street, Birmingham, B5 6DR | Tel: 07506 692158