Staff’s Police – Operation Lightning

Staffordshire Police are launching a special operation over the next few weeks, Operation Lightning, to increase public awareness of  ‘The Fatal Four Motoring Offences’

Drink-driving (Drink or Drive):

  • If you intend to have a drink, plan ahead and arrange a way of getting home such as booking a taxi.
  • If you drink and drive you’re more likely to be involved in a crash.
  • If you drink and drive you will be caught and there are serious consequences.
  • Even if you ‘think’ you’re ok to drive, you might not be. You could still be over the limit the morning after.
  • Drink driving isn’t okay – don’t let your mate or someone you know drink drive.

 Mobile phones (Phone Free):

  • If you use your mobile phone whilst driving you are more likely to be involved in a crash. It only takes a second to lose concentration.
  • Be phone free whilst driving – put your phone way in the glove box, turn it off or use a blocking app.
  • It doesn’t have to be a phone call to distract you. Any kind of phone use can be distracting, if it takes your eyes from the road you shouldn’t be doing it.
  • Your friends and family won’t mind waiting for the text, call, message etc.
  • You can be just as distracted using a hands free system.


  • If you speed you are more likely to be involved in a crash and the chances of serious injury or death are greatly increased.
  • Be speed aware whilst driving – look for hazards and adjust your speed accordingly, the speed limit is not a target.
  • Even a small increase in speed can greatly delay your reaction time and braking distance, for example travelling at 50mph it takes 53 metres to stop.
  • Be pedestrian aware. Now more than ever if you speed you’re putting pedestrians at greater risk. Many more people are out enjoying exercise under government guidelines, don’t be the one who stops them going home safely.

Wearing a seatbelt:

  • In a crash you’re twice as likely to die if you don’t wear a seat belt.
  • Drivers and passengers aged 17-34 have the lowest seat belt-wearing rates, combined with the highest accident rate.
  • People are less likely to use seat belts on short or familiar journeys – putting them at serious risk of injury in a crash.
  • Drivers and passengers who fail to wear seat belts in the front and back of vehicles are breaking the law.
  • Drivers caught without a seat belt face on-the-spot fines of £100. If prosecuted, the maximum fine is £500.

Drive safely and help keeps our roads safe for everyone.

PCSO 25049 Andrea Horsnall, Police Community Support Officer
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