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19.03.20 – COVID 19 Announcement:
On Monday the Prime Minister sent out this message: “Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel”.

This poses a difficult situation for the well-being of you all. It seems likely that public organisations will be closed down and the management team has met this evening and made the difficult decision to close the coffee shop from lunchtime tomorrow (Wednesday 18th) and the library will have very restricted opening hours -Tuesday 10 till 12. This opening will enable a little bit of access to books. We hope in due course to be able to extend this to Friday mornings as well.

This is going to be really hard for many of us given that the library has forged so many friendships. Friendships don’t just stop and we can look forward to reopening at the earliest possible time allowed.

Lots of thanks for your loyalty and commitment and hopefully we will all be back in the library as soon as it is safe.

Very best wishes to you all.  The Management Team

Our Coffee Shop officially opened in June 2017 and after just 6 months of operating, we were awarded a five star rating by the food standards authority. In the time we have been open our local team of 22 cake bakes have created hundreds of delicious cakes. Here are some of our great team. 

It isn’t just the variety of cakes on offer, it is the exceptional quality which is making our coffee shop such a popular venue. Our coffee is roasted and ground in the village by Shining Stone and the blend is done specially for us.

All our cakes are home made by twenty fantastic volunteers who produce their favourites for us to enjoy, but we are getting so popular that we need more cake bakers to join the team. Our volunteers bake at home and can be reimbursed for their costs – we have a simple system in place to make this an easy process. Bakers can choose how many cakes they would like to make and the figure of one per month is popular. If you would like more information on becoming a library cake maker please contact Mary by email at: ( or telephone 481022.


Other library news includes an upgrade of all the shelving and desking which has improved both the appearance and functionality of the library, and a reminder that you can read on your Kindles or other devices a wide range of books and practically every magazine in popular circulation at no cost (leaflets available at the library).

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