Parish Notices

14.03.18 – Increase in council tax precept. At the parish council meeting held in November 2017, it was agreed to increase the Precept for 2018, by 6.5%. Please click here for more information

13.02.18 – Shenstone Village Parking: The growing issue
of problem parking around Shenstone Station & the knock on effects to side roads in the village was discussed at a recent meeting. Please click here for more details.

5.12.17 – Community Grants: The Parish Council aims to support groups which help and involve local people with the awarding of Community Grants between £250 and £1000. Full details on how to apply & an application form are here: – Application FormGuidance Notes. If you require further help or guidance please contact the Parish Clerk on 01543 481 947. Closing date for applications  is FRIDAY 12th JANUARY 2017

26.10.17 – Parish councillor Shenstone – Notice of Vacancy

12.10.17 – Parish councillor Stonnall / Little Aston. Please note that the closing date for applications is now 26th January 2018Notice of Vacancy

Annual Accounts and Return for 2016/17