Parish Notices

26.11.18 – Waste LessRecycle more. Over the summer the council asked local people what stops them from recycling more through its Waste Less questionnaire. More than 700 people responded, giving their thoughts about recycling and their attitude to waste. One of the questions asked what could encourage them to recycle more, and many were in favour of having a guide to what can be recycled. As a result the council has put together the Waste Less guide to explain how to recycle and what items to put in which bins. It also features tips on how to produce less waste.

Councillor David Leytham, Cabinet Member for Operational Services, Waste & Leisure, said: “Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire. We found that many who filled it in were already keen recyclers, but were confused about what we do and do not recycle. This is why we have put this guide together as it clearly sets out how to recycle and what to recycle.

“We’ve recently had trucks of recycling turned away from the sorting plant because the loads were contaminated with black bin liners, and so it’s more important than ever to make sure you know what can go in your blue bin.”  The Waste Less guide can be viewed here.

26.11.18 – Lichfield District Small Business Grant Scheme. Grants of between £500 and £1,500 are available to local small businesses and start-ups looking at overcoming financial barriers to growth. A maximum of 50% of the costs of the total project can be applied for (overall project cost is capped at £3,000 to get the maximum grant). Please follow this link for more information on our site. Or this link to the LDC Twitter feed

15.11.18 – Community Grant Applications for 2019. If you represent a community group or oganisation, the 2019 Community Grant application process is now open, and the council welcome requests from groups which help or involve local people. The usual amount awarded is between £250 and £1000. The deadline for applications is 14th January 2019. Click here for more details. And here for an application form.

15.11.18 – Changes to Bus Passes. The “Your Staffordshire Card” has been a popular scheme however the numbers of
people using the scheme have fallen significantly. For this reason, along with unprecedented financial pressures, the county will be ending the scheme on August 31, 2019. Passes will be valid until that date. Click here for more information.

01.11.18 – LDC Budget 2019, your chance to influence spending plans. Your views are sought through an on-line questionnaire, on what funding priorities should be, where spending could be reduced and ideas on how to increase income. Please click here for more details. The on-line questionnaire is open until 5.0 pm Wednesday 21st November, and can be found on

08.08.18 – Annual Return, Audit Report. Click here for the completed audit return for the year ending 31st March 2018.

05.07.18 – Temporary road closures to Footherly Lane and Mill Lane, Stonnall. Please click here for full details.

30.06.18 – Public Notice of Parish Accounts. Please click here to  view the 2017/2018 Annual Accounting Statement; Annual Governance Statement, and Annual Internal Audit Report. 

10.05.18 – The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday May 23rd at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, Barns Road, Shenstone. Click here for the agenda.

14.03.18 – Increase in council tax precept. At the parish council meeting held in November 2017, it was agreed to increase the Precept for 2018, by 6.5%. Please click here for more information

13.02.18 – Shenstone Village Parking: The growing issue
of problem parking around Shenstone Station & the knock on effects to side roads in the village was discussed at a recent meeting. Please click here for more details.

Annual Accounts and Return for 2016/17