Giant Poppy – Community Initiative to Commemorate Poppy Day 2021

On my travels around Derbyshire I have noticed that some towns and villages display large plastic Poppies, usually attached to lampposts, around the time of the annual remembrance day commemorations.

I thought this was a great idea and so I did some research which established that these large poppies can be purchased from The Royal British Legion at a cost of £3.0 each, with the proceeds of course going to the annual poppy appeal. The Royal British Legion will be 100 years old in May 2021 and I thought that it was a very appropriate time for our village to adopt this idea.

I approached the parish council and they unanimously agreed to support this initiative by funding the cost of 100 poppies to be put up by the lengthsmen and displayed around the centre of each of the three parish villages.

To take this further and ensure we get a good display of poppies all around the village, we will be encouraging residents to purchase poppies for their immediate area. Click here for a copy of the donation form which also details where you can drop off any donations.

Clearly, the more that is donated, the more poppies that can be displayed. Each of our villages will have a coordinator to be responsible for organising the collection of monies, and I will be fulfilling that role for Shenstone, so look out for more information about how you can join in. Meantime, please talk to your neighbours about displays in your road. And if you’d like to help in any way, please contact:
Shirley the parish clerk on 01543 481 947.

Thank you

Mary Jones