e-Bulletin June 2020


Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 this issue of the Parish Council e-bulletin will focus on support and communication as well as including important updates from recent weeks on Council activities. Council would not normally share or promote commercial businesses but do so to ensure residents are well informed throughout the current crisis. The Council do not endorse any businesses mentioned.


Members of the Flood Risk Team at Staffordshire County Council have been working closely with the Parish Council to arrange works on Stonnall Playing Fields to reduce the risk of flooding to homes in St Peters Close. This work has been delayed due to the effects of Covid-19 but it is hopeful that it will take place very soon and certainly before any further incidents.


The Working Group of Shenstone & Stonnall Councillors will be meeting shortly to move forward with plans for the future of the Youth & Community Centre in Stonnall. Residents are still encouraged to share ideas and views on what you would like to see, any ideas and suggestions you may have and feedback on what you are looking for from a community centre.  To share your views please contact the Parish Clerk or the three Stonnall Councillors who will be sitting on the working party formed to take the initiative forward:

Cllr Mick Cox mick40cox@fastmail.fm
Cllr Sheila Beilby Beilby@hotmail.co.uk
Cllr Gail Nicholls gailnicholls4@gmail.com


The Clerk has contacted Solicitors representing the landowners of the site to seek a significant lease extension. Further information will be shared.


There are no laws prohibiting a garden bonfire or BBQ. However, these fires should not be a nuisance to your neighbours.

Smoke can prevent your neighbours from enjoying their garden, opening windows, or hanging washing out and reduces visibility in the neighbourhood and on roads. Lichfield District Council Environmental Health team will investigate any complaints made about garden bonfires that are affecting neighbouring properties. 

You can have a bonfire at any time of the day, as long as it doesn’t cause a statutory nuisance. A statutory nuisance is something which is stopping you or your neighbours from enjoying your land or property. For smoke to be considered as a statutory nuisance, it must affect other premises to such an extent that normal is not possible. So, a bonfire and the smoke must be a persistent and substantial problem to affect your neighbours and their property to be classed as a nuisance.

If you are having a bonfire, you must not burn household waste on them. Burning household waste can release harmful gases and chemicals, as well as being a nuisance to your neighbours.

If you see someone burning household waste on a bonfire or see a bonfire causing dark smoke please contact 01543 308725 immediately. 

If you decide that you are going to have a bonfire:-
Warn your neighbours well in advance. This will give them a chance to bring their washing in and/or close their windows and doors.

  • Make sure you have the bonfire as far away from neighbouring properties as possible.
  • Check the weather beforehand.
  • Never leave the bonfire unattended and make sure you have something to extinguish the fire if it gets out of hand.
  • Only burn dry materials, never burn tyres, treated wood or plastics. See below for more on dark smoke – it is an offence to burn items that cause dark smoke and you can be fined heavily.
  • Never use engine oil, petrol, methylated spirit, barbecue or lighter fluid to light your fire or encourage it.


Train timetables have changed a lot recently but for the latest timetables please visit:  https://www.westmidlandsrailway.co.uk/travel-information/station-information/sen


The Parish Council have neighbourhood plans in place which have recently proved very successful in certain planning objections. It is the intention of Council to revise and update these very important documents during this financial year to ensure we are in the best possible position to comment on any future plans.


May & June have so far seen all rights of way cleared, strimming & weeding, benches cleaned and re-painted where necessary, planters cleaned and re-planted, re-painting barrier at Little Aston Recreation Ground, cleaning of bus shelters in Shenstone & Little Aston, repairs to bus shelter in Stonnall, erecting new signage and litter picking.


The volunteer operation is running very successfully across Shenstone, Little Hay & Footherley coordinated by Shirley the Parish Clerk and in Stonnall coordinated by Marianne Barber (mariannebarber@hotmail.com). Despite volunteers on hand and communicating the service, there have been no requirements to operate in Little Aston.

Here are just a few headlines of things that have been happening across the Parish to support both those in need and help keep spirits up at this difficult time.


Marianne’s team continue to be busy with group members donating new toys to self-isolating families as well as the usual shopping, odd jobs, etc.  Community curries are also very popular.

The Swan at Stonnall continues to deliver meals to hard working NHS staff including Walsall Manor.

To show their appreciation for the amazing efforts of Premier Stores for keeping the village in supplies, doing multiple wholesale visits each day during the crisis, villagers wished to show their appreciation with a presentation of a thank you cheque & hamper.


Team Shenstone Bakes continue to deliver twice weekly to isolating & shielding residents. Eggs are still being supplied by Russell at the butchers for which the team are very grateful & we have also had donations of flour and butter from Morrisons in Lichfield and biscuits from Waitrose.  Shenstone Community Library have also been very kind donating cakes & drinks whilst the Library remains closed. The Quilters have been very busy making face masks which have been snapped up for a donation to the cake fund. If you would like one of the lovely designs (also available plain) then contact the Parish Office but be quick as they sell out fast.

The project has also been awarded “Community Volunteer Champion” for May with a prize of £500.00 presented by Persimmon Homes. This will enable the team to keep on baking for a while yet!   


“The Village Store” in Shenstone is now offering a take away curry service. Order on Thursday for collection Saturday. Contact: 01543 483 322.

Shenstone Country Club has extended their menu to include Nepalese dishes. Contact: 01543 481 045


Lichfield District Council have a dedicated webpage detailing a number of ways to access grants and support for businesses. For detail please visit www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/coronavirus-2/support-businesses-coronavirus-covid-19/1


All volunteering has been possible thanks to a donation of £540.00 from Staffs County Council to enable us to purchase plastic gloves and hand sanitiser to ensure safety of all. Thank you to County Cllr David Smith for co-ordinating.


After the success of last year’s Christmas market in Shenstone, the organisers are doing it all again. This time it will be held on a Saturday- DECEMBER 12th from 4.30pm until 8.00pm.

SHENSTONE MAGAZINE is available online at http://www.stjohnthebaptistshenstone.org.uk


A 40m (130ft) long, 6.5m (22ft) wide tanker  will be passing along the A5127 from Four Oaks through Shenstone  sometime between 09:30 and 16:30 on: Thursday 18/06 Thursday 02/07 Thursday 16/07 & Thursday 30/07. Disruption expected.



If you have not already registered with us for the e-bulletin would you please contact the Parish Office on 01543 481 947 or admin@shenstone-staffs.gov.uk . Due to cost and distribution issues it may not be possible to print and share copies going forward so please do let us know if you would like to have issues emailed.


The office is normally open Tuesday-Thursday. Duties in the Parish mean that the Clerk may not always be at her desk but please do leave a message and you will be contacted immediately on return.


Residents are still welcome to join public participation- please contact the Clerk by Monday July 13th if you wish to do so and you will be given joining instructions.

PARISH OFFICE: 25C Main Street, Shenstone WS14 0LZ. Tel: 01543 481 947

Email: admin@shenstone-staffs.gov.uk

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